About ALK

Allergy solutions for life

ALK is a global allergy solutions company, with a wide range of allergy treatments, products and services that meet the unique needs of allergy sufferers, their families and doctors.

More than 500 million people worldwide have allergies. Many of them suffer in silence because the way ahead is too confusing.

By collecting information and the latest and most trusted solutions together in one place, we want to make allergy surprisingly simple to manage. With 100 years of experience, nobody knows allergy like us, and we continuously apply our scientific knowledge and expertise to help people take control of their allergy and their life.

We want to make a difference by offering solutions for everyone who is touched by allergy – through a comprehensive range of products, services and resources that offer a fast-track to a more balanced life.

A century of helping severe allergy sufferers

ALK's heritage
Since 1923, we have consistently devised and developed major advances for the treatment of allergy. In recent years, together with our global partners, we have invested substantially in the research and development of new, evidence-based allergy immunotherapy treatments.
ALK's production
As a company whose products touch the lives and affect the well-being of people around the world, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards.
ALK's partners
We have has entered into partnership agreements with Torii, Abbott and Seqirus to commercialise allergy immunotherapy tablets in Japan, Russia and South-East Asia, and Australia and New Zealand, respectively.
ALK's owners
As of June 2016, the Lundbeck Foundation is the largest and controlling shareholder of ALK, owning 67% of the votes (40% of the capital). The foundation’s uses the return on its investment in ALK to contribute to society.
Last updated: 2019.02.07