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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is at the heart of our mission to improve quality of life by preventing and treating allergy.

Long-term EHS goals 2018

Well-being at work: Obtain the score ≥75 on the action area "Daily work" in the Engagement Survey in 2019

Safety: By end-2018 the number of accidents with absence per million working hours must not exceed 3,0 at a three-year average

Energy: By end-2018 the energy consumption must not exceed the consumption in 2014

CO2: By end-2018 the CO2 emission must be 5% less compared to the emission in 2014

Water: By end-2018 the water usage must not exceed the usage in 2014


CSR Reports

We openly disclose our performance and progress to our key stakeholders both on financial and non-financial performance indicators.

ALK publishes an annual statutory Report on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as part of the Management’s review in the annual report.

CSR Reports

Statutory Report on CSR 2018
Statutory Report on CSR 2017
Statutory Report on CSR 2016

ALK's Code of Conduct

Last updated: 2019.02.07