ALK US Product Stewardship Program

Natural allergens such as pollens, dust mites, and animal epithelium are the main ingredients of our products. Every year ALK grows, collects, and harvests several tons of allergens from our fields, tree orchards and greenhouse. Product Stewardship is a process where we recommend safe disposal techniques that are compliant with local disposal ordinances and help to preserve our environment.


ALK Abello supports the proper disposal of medical waste generated during allergy immunotherapy treatment.  Generally, most treatment occurs at your healthcare practitioner’s clinic where allergy immunotherapy shots are administered.  Here are some tips for disposal of medical waste so that we can protect our environment.  


Clinic or office setting - Dispose of expired vials that contain extract material or diluents per your clinic medical waste disposal protocol.  Returned vials that contain diluted extracts and/or unknown material or have been out of your direct control (e.g., given to patients to take home) should also follow this process.  Empty vials may be discarded in a non-recyclable trash receptacle. 


Patients - If you have compounded treatment vials that contain solution, return them to the practice/pharmacy that initially provided them.  Empty vials may be discarded in a non-recyclable trash receptacle.  If you have been provided syringes and needles for at-home treatment, please contact the pharmacy or sharps manufacturer directly for instructions on safe disposal practices for these products. 


Finally, the newest approach to allergy immunotherapy utilizes specially formulated tablets for a few allergens.  If you have decided to discontinue your tablet immunotherapy treatment and have product that you will not use, please contact ALK for instructions on returning these products.  Alternatively, you can return your unused tablet product to your local pharmacy for destruction. 


ALK is committed to supporting protection of our environment as your partner in patient care.

Please join ALK in our goal to protect the environment by observing these safe measures to reduce medical waste in our environment.

Last updated: 2021.09.21