Our owners’ contribution to society

By supporting independent research at the highest level, our owners strive to significantly improve people’s health and well-being.

A stable ownership structure

Although traded on the NASDAQ Copenhagen (OMX: ALK B), ALK boasts an unusually stable ownership, with two shareholders having notified shareholdings of 5% or more as of June 2016.

The Lundbeck Foundation (Lundbeckfonden) has a 40.3% interest (including A shares) and the Danish pension fund ATP has a 5.1% interest. Of the 30 largest shareholders, 27 are international institutional investors – from North America, the UK and Scandinavia in particular. The international ownership is estimated at approximately 22%, representing 39% of the free float of the share capital.

The Lundbeck Foundation is an industrial foundation whose activities make a difference for people’s health and well-being through its support for scientific research. The foundation’s return on its investment in ALK contributes to this purpose.

The Lundbeck Foundation is one of the largest industrial foundations in Denmark with a total value of approximately DKK 50 billion and an annual spend of DKK 400-500 million in grants to independent biomedical research.

Examples of grants from Lundbeckfonden

In a five-year research project funded by Lundbeck Foundation, Allergy researcher Jacob Pontoppidan Thyssen is examining how asthma can develop in the lungs and how allergies develop in the mucous membranes and skin as a result of something penetrating the skin elsewhere on the body.
Paediatrician Klaus Bønnelykke from the Danish Pediatric Asthma Center, COPSAC, received a Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship grant of DKK 10 million to map the genetic control of asthma, thereby improving the quality of both prevention and treatment.
Immunologist Vasileios Bekiaris received a Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship grant of DKK 10 million. The money will be used to identify how the immune system’s white blood cells recognise the chemical signals given off by sclerotic tissue.

Overview of the Lundbeck Foundation

ALK’s controlling shareholder

The Lundbeck Foundation is the largest and controlling shareholder of ALK, owning 67% of the votes (40% of the capital).

DKK 126 million

The foundation has supported research in allergy and asthma with DKK 126 million in the past 10 years alone.

The Lundbeck Foundation’s grants to research totalled DKK 474 million in 2014.
Last updated: 2016.09.02