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ALK has an unrivalled understanding of allergens and how they affect the human body, as well as the link between allergy and respiratory diseases such as asthma.



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    Report on transactions with ALK-Abelló A/S B-shares and associated securities by managerial staff
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    Grant of share options and performance shares to members of the Board of Management and key employees
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    Annual General Meeting in ALK-Abelló A/S held on 13 March 2019
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    The pollen season kicks off with an award-winning pollen app
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    Report on transactions with ALK-Abelló A/S B-shares and associated securities by managerial staff
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    New data shows ALK’s house dust mite SLIT-tablet significantly improves quality of sleep for allergic rhinitis patients
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    Annual General Meeting in ALK-Abelló A/S on 13 March 2019
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    ALK releases its annual report 2018
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    Release date of annual report 2018 for ALK and audio cast
ALK launches growth strategy
Transformational strategy to redefine ALK's position in the global allergy market and stimulate a new era of growth for the company.
Growth strategy: Establish and succeed in North America
North America is the world's largest allergy market, with over 50 million allergy sufferers, and it offers ALK the greatest medium-term growth potential. For example, there are around 10 million AIT-eligible allergy sufferers in the USA alone, just one-third of whom actually receive AIT today.
Growth strategy: Complete the tablet portfolio for all relevant ages
ALK is committed to offering a full portfolio of tablets for all relevant ages, covering the five most common global respiratory allergies.
Growth strategy: Patient engagement systems and adjacent business
ALK will establish a new commercial consumer care division to drive digital patient engagement with the ultimate aim of creating new value from ALK's expanded allergy presence.
Allergy solutions for life

ALK in brief

ALK at a glance
ALK is a research-driven, global pharmaceutical company focusing on allergy prevention, diagnosis and treatment. We are the foremost innovators in allergy immunotherapy – a unique treatment which reduces allergic symptoms and treats the cause of the allergy.
Global presence
ALK employs around 2,300 employees worldwide and has affiliates, production facilities and distributors around the globe. Today, around 1.5 million people worldwide use our products.
ALK's pipeline
Our development programme covers the four most important outdoor allergens in Europe, the USA and Japan (grass, birch and related trees, ragweed and Japanese cedar) and the most important indoor allergen in the world (house dust mites).
ALK's history
ALK has been at the forefront of allergy treatment for almost a century. Our story can be traced back to a small laboratory in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1923.