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Health and safety

Our safety measures led to a decline in our number of accidents with absence, from 6 in 2022 to 3 in 2023.

Regular safety dialogues with workers councils or employees
This collaborative approach ensures that the perspectives of our employees are considered in the development and improvement of safety policies and procedures.
Monthly safety inspections across all production facilities
Identifies and addresses potential hazards, and encourages employees to report near misses, allowing us to implement corrective measure and improve safety protocols where needed.
Digitalization of near miss frequency reporting
Near misses are invaluable opportunities to identify potential hazards and prevent accidents before they occur.

Embracing a multi-dimensional perspective, we acknowledge diversity in terms of physical, psychological, social, lifestyle, and cognitive dimensions, actively engaging with a number of employee focus groups to seek input on improving inclusion across ALK.


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Value chain workers

ALK's Third-party Code of Conduct outlines the standards of behavior that we expect from all third parties globally when it comes to business conduct and treatment of employees. The Third-party Code of Conduct is an integrated part of our GxP (good practice) supplier agreements.

To address supplier risk, we utilize an external supplier evaluation platform to identify environment, labor & human rights, and procurement risks. 400+ suppliers approved for our GxP processes have been screened, none of which have been identified as high-risk.

Consumers and end users


Safety of people with allergies

ALK has a rigorous safety reporting system in place ensuring that safety data from any source, including clinical trials, are collected and analysed systematically by our global pharmacovigilance team. This ensures that the safety profile of our products is optimized for the benefit of users, and that the relevant authorities can be made aware of any safety issue arising from our products to facilitate immediate action.

Education of healthcare professionals

We engage systematically in educational activities, training and dialogue with healthcare professionals to elevate the standard of care in allergy diagnosis and treatment. Much of our engagement is done digitally enabling us to reach more healthcare professionals and reduce our climate impact.

Policy downloads

Code of conduct
Diversity and Inclusion Policy
UK Modern Slavery Act statement 2023

Partnering for sustainability

The challenges of social action require commitments and partnerships.
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