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Contact information

Corporate headquarters:

Bøge Allé 6-8
DK-2970 Hørsholm

T (+45) 4574 7576
F (+45) 4574 8690

Local offices:

We have offices, production and research facilities in 32 countries. Please find contact information for our locations here.

We would like all our visitors to start in the reception, Bøge allé 1, before they are received by their ALK host.

Medical product inquiries?

If you are a patient and have inquiries related to one of ALK’s pharmaceutical products, you should always contact the prescribing doctor or other qualified health care provider.

Side effects
If you need to report quality issues, adverse drug reactions or adverse events for one of ALK’s products, please contact your nearest ALK company.

Reporting side effects

Watch the video to learn more about the importance of reporting of side effects

Business Development

For matters related to business development, please contact:

Rasmus Just
Head of Business Development
Mobile: +45 41718431

Got a business idea?
We believe in partnerships and synergies. If you have licensing opportunities, technologies, scientific projects or just great ideas to discuss please contact us.

Communications & IR

For matters related to communication or investor relations, please contact:

Per Plotnikof
Vice President, Corporate Communications,
Investor Relations and Strategic Planning
Mobile: +45 22 61 25 25

Accounting information
Send invoice as pdf or in OIOXML format, marked with the appropriate CC to
Last updated: 2023.12.05