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Do you suffer from allergic disease?


Worldwide industrialisation and lifestyle changes have had a major impact on the development of respiratory allergies. Allergy immunotherapy can help patients to take control of their allergies by reprogramming their immune system.

Addressing a global problem

Respiratory allergy - facts and figures
Globally, 400-500 million people are affected by allergic rhinitis, and 10-20% of these have symptoms which are not well controlled. People who experience insufficient effect from symptomatic medication can benefit from allergy immunotherapy.
The connection beween allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma
It is well established that respiratory allergies can lead to both allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma, which although often treated separately in the past, are increasingly being seen as different manifestations of a single condition.
Treating allergy
The most important difference between allergy immunotherapy treatment and treatments that only suppress allergy symptoms for a short time is that immunotherapy reprogrammes the body to induce immunological tolerance, thus altering the course of the disease.
Last updated: 2019.07.09