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Whistleblowing protection

Promoting a culture of transparency and accountability, ALK encourages employees, suppliers, vendors, consultants or others with a work-related relationship with ALK to raise serious and sensitive concerns using our whistleblower hotline, ALK Alertline.

ALK Alertline
ALK's whistleblower hotline enables employees, business partners and other stakeholders to report any serious and sensitive concern in a confidential and anonymous manner.
Code of Conduct
ALK's Code of Conduct outlines the standards of behaviour that we expect from all ALK employees when interacting with stakeholders.
Animal welfare

Animal welfare is a focus throughout our research and development of new medicines. We embrace alternative approaches to minimize the use of animals whenever possible. The ´three R’s: replace, reduce and refine´, philosophy guides our strategy.

Policy downloads

Anti-corruption Policy
Data Ethics Policy
Third party code of conduct
Tax policy
Whistleblower protection policy
UK Modern Slavery Act statement 2023

Partnering for sustainability

The challenges of climate change require commitments and partnerships
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