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Making life with allergy simple

By collecting information and the latest and most trusted solutions together in one place, we want to make allergy surprisingly simple to manage.
Allergy is rarely a life-threatening condition, but it can often be life changing. Our aim is to help you manage that change practically and positively.

Allergy is the most widespread chronic disease in the world and, while ALK is an established expert in the field, just 1% of people with allergy currently receive the allergy immunotherapy products that form the core of our portfolio. 

As a result, many in the other 99% may not be aware of the full range of treatment options available to them. Frequently, these people are undiagnosed, suffering in silence, or self-managing their condition with various over-the-counter products and medicines.

Those who eventually find their way to allergy immunotherapy often do so after many years of failed attempts to treat their allergy with other types of product.

Last updated: 2020.12.16