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Managing allergies

Solutions for the world's allergies

We want to make a difference by offering solutions for everyone who is touched by allergy – through a comprehensive range of products, services and resources that offer a fast-track to a more balanced life.

Our solutions

Consumer healthcare
We have expanded with a new consumer healthcare division that offers new products and services via a webshop to help people manage their allergies.
The first step in being able to optimally treat any allergy is getting a definitive diagnosis. As well as treatments, ALK also makes allergen extracts for use in allergy diagnosis tools, such as skin prick tests.
Allergy vaccines
Allergy immunotherapy is a treatment for respiratory allergies that works by treating the underlying cause of the allergy. At ALK, we specialise in evidence-based products that rebalance the immune system by gradually building up tolerance to allergens.
Emergency treatment
For some people, exposure to specific food or a bee or wasp stings can trigger an acute allergic reaction also known as anaphylaxis. This can lead to respiratory arrest if quick and effective emergency treatment is not given.
Last updated: 2019.07.05