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Our owners’ contribution to society

By supporting independent research at the highest level, our owners strive to significantly improve people’s health and well-being.

A stable ownership structure

Although traded on the NASDAQ Copenhagen (OMX: ALK B), ALK boasts an unusually stable ownership, with two shareholders having notified shareholdings of 5% or more.

The Lundbeck Foundation, one of Denmark’s largest enterprise foundations, is the controlling shareholder of ALK, holding 67% of the votes and 40% of the capital. The Foundation grants a minimum of DKK 500 million each year to public biomedical and health science research with a particular focus on neuroscience.

Its business activities encompass majority shareholdings in two other healthcare companies, H. Lundbeck and Falck, a significant shareholding in Ferrosan Medical Devices and Ellab, and an international portfolio of early-stage biotech companies, as well as management of a DKK 20+ billion portfolio of financial investments, primarily in listed securities.

Overview of the Lundbeck Foundation

ALK’s controlling shareholder

The Lundbeck Foundation is the largest and controlling shareholder of ALK, owning 40% of the capital and controlling 67% of the votes.

The Foundation’s commercial activities provide a financial stability that underpins its principal stated aim, that of funding research that aims to reduce the rising global burden of psychiatric and neurological diseases.

The Lundbeck Foundation grants to research a minimum of DKK 500 million each year.
Last updated: 2023.08.07